We’re the trade association representing the search engine marketing industry in the UK and Europe.

Joining SEMTA has lots of advantages:

For you now:

  • It’s free to join whilst we’re in Beta up to October 2015. After that membership will be capped at a fee agreed by the members.
  • Setting European and UK standards for the industry so others can have more confidence in member SEO & PPC providers.
  • Making it easier for new business to flow into the industry and thus you as a member.
  • Shared knowledge on trade matters i.e. salaries, high level shifts in the industry and so on.
  • Creating alliances with learning institutions so members have access to the best learning material possible.


For you generally:

  • SEMTA aims to lift the perception of search marketing within the UK & European marketplace.
  • Be a collective voice when lobbying Google, Microsoft or Government (It’s time to be listened to!).
  • Feel good that we’re in it for the greater good of our industry. That’s why we are not for profit and will always run SEMTA in a lean very cost effective way. If you want a model example, look at opensource.org

Who is behind SEMTA?

The Executive Board: 

Exec Board Roles:

  • Jon Myers- Chairman
  • Nick Garner – Chief Executive
  • Nicky Wake – Events
  • Steve Lock – Training and Education
  • Anna Moss –  Operations & Legal
  • Jo Turnbull – Community
  • Judith Lewis – Standards
  • Russ McAthy – Marketing


We’re treating this trade association like a business, so it’s less talk, more action and faster more autonomous decision making from each of the team to get useful things done in line with our mission.

And the Advisory Board whose job is to ‘sense check’ and add expertise to the the executive team.

Advisory Board (critical friend of the exec team)

Advisory Board Roles:

  • Dr Aleksej Heinze (Salford Business School) – Education & Standards / Head of the Advisory Board
  • Jackie Hole – PPC
  • Julia Logan – Blackhat
  • Kelvin Newman – Events
  • Gus Ferguson – Community
  • Pete Young – PPC/Agency
  • Adrian Land – Compliance

Where we are now:

  • This is SEMTA Beta 1.0. This means were going to start small and grow organically. No big splash, no big promises. As a member, it’s up to you on how you can make your contribution to SEMTA and our industry.
  • The executive and advisory committees are there to make SEMTA function properly so we’re efficient and are a collective force for our members. So please, don’t hate us if we mess up… it’s a learning journey for everyone.


What we’re not:

  • We’re not a place to learn about how to do search marketing. There are so many places online for that. We’re about the business of search…
  • Any sort of Google partner programme…


Future Plans:

  • We plan to emerge from Beta in about a year from now.
  • Fees: we will consult with the membership on what is the right amount to ask for in membership fees in a year from now. Whatever we decide, it will be because you have voted for it! We think, keep SEMTA lean and low cost always.
  • Get everyone together and have a shared place where we can roll out share knowledge on the industry.
  • Make our accreditation as a SEMTA member be a badge of trust. We don’t quite know how we will do this yet. It may be around peer reviewing companies.


How much does it cost?

Its free!!!! whilst we’re in Beta for the next year.

Whilst we’re in Beta for at least the next year, membership is free – Yea! We can do this because of your donations along with funding and resources from the executive and advisory committees to get SEMTA up and running.

As mentioned earlier, we will consult with the members on membership fees next year. Our promise is to always keep SEMTA lean, transparent and low cost.


How do I join?


  • If you spend more than 70% of your time doing search marketing you are eligible.
  • You can be a student, freelancer, employee, corporate entity i.e. an agency, affiliate, search engine.
  • If your company has one or more people who spends more than 70% of their time on search marketing, then your company is eligible.
  • If you, or your company don’t qualify in terms of time spend, then you can be an associate member. You get all the benefits of full membership except you can’t vote on SEMTA matters.
  • If you are a search engine… yes you can join, but we’re not necessarily going to agree  with you on policy matters. We’re here for the industry members as a whole and numerically you represent a tiny percentage of all the companies in Search Marketing.


Any code of conduct?

Yes… there is. As a member, if you bring the industry into disrepute then we will ask you to leave SEMTA. The sort of thing thing we care about are

  • not knowingly making false claims as a business.
  • trading fairly.

A good reference is the UK trading standards authority. We are not interested in whether you do black hat or do things that might contravene Google’s webmaster guidelines, we care that as a business within search marketing you trade in an upstanding way. We represent members as a whole, not search engines.


3 year plan:  

  • Year 1: Beta. Set up, grow numbers, build up awareness and credibility. Develop community within SEM (meetups and conferences). Be the biggest trade organization for SEM in the UK & be the ‘go to’ people for commenting on SEM in the UK. Set the foundations for SEMTA chapters throughout Europe.
  • Year 2: Out of Beta. Build the value to members, have membership fees, build on membership numbers. Become de facto voice of search. Push for standards, build up professional knowledge centre. Offer training.  Help seed and grow other European chapters of SEMTA.
  • Year 3: Consolidate, focus and build a long term, successful and sustainable trade organization for the UK and Europe.


So Far in 2014: 

jemssJEMSS Digital and Social Media Marketing advisory board membership

SEMTA is committed to continuous improvement and shaping of Search Profession. As part of this commitment SEMTA is active as an advisory board member on the development of the Joint Masters in Digital and Social Media Marketing – JEMSS project.

As part of this course SEMTA reaches out to the next generation of employees and contributes to the academic community to influence the high quality education in the area of Digital Marketing and in particular in relation to Search Engine Optimisation.

JEMSS project is co-funded by the European Commission and is a consortium representing five European countries and it aims to advance the teaching of digital marketing at International level with high emphasis on:

  • teaching what the industry needs
  • developing technical as well as managerial skills
  • international awareness




We work on trust. So we’re trusting you will ‘play nicely’, so more than just joining up for a badge, we’re asking you to join because you care about search marketing and you want to be a great representative of the amazing community we are in.